Yorba Linda

There was something about this 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms house. Despite its size; there was a charm and warmth to it. It was essential to our contractor that we maintained that charm. He was certain that once completed, the house will definitely arise nostalgia to the right buyer making it a perfect home.

This house boasted an open concept which eliminates the restrictions of a highly structured living space and gives way to ‘making a space your own’. It offers free flow from living room and dining room with an adjoining kitchen. This open space was particularly welcomed here as it made every use of the large windows allowing all that natural light into the space. The durable, gorgeous flooring can be seen running throughout the house which will captivate any potential buyer.

The kitchen boasts custom built cabinets which gives ample storage and stone countertops can be seen throughout. Recessed lighting can be seen in the kitchen and the rest of the house.

And if all this isn’t enough; you get to walk out to a beautifully landscaped yard which features a pool.