Burbank Flip

The lather months of 2017 brought a new exciting challenge to our company. An investor, now long time client brought an amazing opportunity to this company. We will flip one house per month for the next five months! Now this wouldn’t have otherwise proven to be a task if there were not other projects progressing at the same time.

Therefore, we hired a project manager along with a few new tradesmen and went to work! This ongoing journey is proving to be so exciting and rewarding. Working alongside this investor has taught us lots outside of our construction realm. From the scoping of the right properties, budget planning to ensuring on time finishes; flipping is a business within itself.

We have been working with this particular investor for over two years and we are so very thankful for the trust and faith he has in CoverAll Construction. These flips brought complete changes within these house; walls came down, complete reconstruction of kitchen and bathroom, patios built, HVAC system installed, updated plumbing and electrical.

These changes; with a very particular time schedule called for attention to details and a very knowledgeable team. Everyone on this project gave everything they had and a little bit more. From the demo guys to the contractor. We are pleased to say we are currently finishing our fourth flip within this new year.