Fourplex Renovation

Our client purchased this fourplex but he had no clue as to where he should even begin with it. He simply knew he wanted to remodel the units.

After consultations and a couple visits to the property by our contractor; a few amazing suggestions were made to the client. Our general contractor saw so much rental potential for this building in this historical part of the city with the changes he had in mind.

He suggested to the client that the units become 2 bed/2 bath units as opposed to the 1 bed/1 bath that they were presently. He recommended a full upgrade of both plumbing and electrical since both were extremely outdated. This change will mean a complete reconfiguration of layout within the units. Our client was excited as he knew these suggestions will be beneficial to his business and of course add to the property’s value.

In addition to the 250 square feet on the inside; another suggestion was to add balconies to the rear of the building. This will serve as an added bonus to any prospective tenants. Moreover, eight new parking spots will be added during the renovation of the fourplex. And we all know how important it is to have parking.

With our plans approved and permits in hand; we got to work.

This is another project we are so very proud off. The transformation (if we may say so ourselves) is incredible. We are so humble yet proud to be given the opportunity to transform these buildings.