Industrial Loft Addition, Signal Hill, California



Our potential client has a 2200 sq. ft. property in which he keeps his office and warehouse. The 1100 sq. ft. upstairs of the office/warehouse was completely abandoned. He wanted to transform the barren upstairs into a loft for personal use.

The Solution


CoverAll Construction closed this deal after much consultation amongst our general contractor , engineer and client. Our client trusted us due to our proven track record, open policy and professionalism. The upstairs addition took careful preparation and much finessing. The proper plans and permits were obtained and our project manager along with our design team spent weeks with the client configuring the details and design for this upstairs addition. It was agreed to turn this space into 3 bedroom, 1 bath with an open concept kitchen/dining/living room.

Our client wanted an industrial, modern look but with warm inviting tones. As such, the CoverAll team decided to leave the large wooden beams throughout the space and the exposed piping to achieve the industrial theme. A mixture of wood and metal was used in the kitchen/dining and living room. Beautiful distressed flooring runs throughout. Speckled black countertops with metal engrained backsplash can be seen in the kitchen and dining. The chosen accessories in the living space go along with the wood/metal theme.

We decided to use red brick in this one of a kind bathroom. Once again, exposed pipes can be seen in the bathroom but the use of soft tones and lighting make this bathroom elegant and inviting. Once again wood or metal accessories were used to decorate this space.

This upstairs additions was unable to have windows due to the nature of the space. However, we didn’t stop there! Skylights were added to each room with the one in the kitchen/dining/living room having the ability to open and close which brings in the fresh air or sunshine. It was the perfect touch this to this space.

The Result

CoverAll Construction delivered on yet another project. We were able to transform this empty space into a remarkably beautiful loft . We were able to capture the client’s wishes into turning this into a modern but inviting space to call home.