Revamped Rental Property, San Pedro, CA



Our repeat client purchased this 1100 sq. ft. two storey home which was previously owned by an elderly couple. He decided to turn it into a rental property in this picturesque and prime location of San Pedro, CA . The home consisted of three bedrooms and two bathrooms with double garage. This was yet another project which needed multiple permits and inspections due to the plumbing and electrical which were done.




CoverAll Construction did a complete remodel of this rental property as everything in this house was in its original state making it outdated and unappealing. A wall separating living room and dining room was knocked down to achieve a more modern open concept.

Both bathrooms were given a face lift with new plumbing, new fixtures, tile and lighting. The downstairs bathroom was given a new stylish shower with glass enclosure while a deep new tub, fit for a queen, was installed in the upstairs bathroom.

The entire house was painted in fresh natural linen who gives it an inviting and open feel. Dark hardwood floors were installed throughout living room, stairs and all bedrooms.

Cabinetry was added throughout kitchen to reduce the countertop clutter and purely to add more storage. We removed the old vinyl flooring in kitchen and replaced with tile.


We delivered! Every permit was gotten and every inspection passed. We took this once outdated two storey property and transformed it into a beautiful, desired property. One in which anyone would love to call home.