Salon Transformation, Echo Park, Los Angeles


This busy, and beautifully located salon needed a much needed transformation as there was insufficient working room for employees nor ample seating for clients.



Coverall Construction was able to provide an additional 750 sq ft of unused space on the upstairs of the salon. The upstairs was treated like the “attic” and was dilapidated for many years. We got in there with 100% creativity and effort and gave that space a complete facelift.

The old flooring throughout the entire upstairs was completely removed and replaced with beautiful ash grey laminate flooring. Laminate was chosen due to the work environment and the constant use of water, hair colors etc.  A wall was removed and this dramatically opened up the area giving room for extra seating and work stations. The walls were painted with blacks and greys which complemented the  “cool and hip” aesthetic and ambiance of the salon.




Our  client was blown away. Not only did they receive the much needed space they craved but the got extra working stations, storage room, extra customer seating and a usable bathroom.