Suburban Remodel


A flood in the kitchen of this house forced this lovely family to renovate. And what they got; was everything they wanted but was putting off since they purchased their home 12 years ago. To quote the wife, “We were the only ones on this street who hasn’t had any updates. It is time.” CoverAll Construction was happy to provide all they long awaiting wants to the kitchen and a tiny guest bathroom.



After a few consultations and few layout changes;  the look they were looking for was decided on. The wife wanted a modern look with with a antique twist. White washed Cabinetry, Quartz countertop, travertine floors, mosaic backsplash, lighting fixtures, paint color, hardware ….. Even appliances were chosen as everything was so outdated. We decided to move the stove to a more central area in the kitchen adding ease and convenience and an overall better layout. The contractor presented them with  the idea of having a little sitting/dining area in the kitchen and they loved it. Additionally, we added a bathtub in the bathroom as there wasn’t one before. The plumbing had to be updated as there were issues with the existing. We also gave this family a brand new water heater while we were completing the remodel because the old one was just that; OLD.



We worked hard, finished two weeks before stated and the end result was a gorgeous kitchen and guest bathroom they hoped for!!!